Falling Timbers Tree Service is ready and able to handle all your tree removal needs. Sumner County TN hasn’t had an equal when it comes to Tree removal services and arborist tree diagnosis. We’ll make sure the trees on your property are healthy and green and the ones that need to be removed to give your yard freedom are removed with care.

Falling Timbers Tree Service understands that removing the tree by cutting it down doesn’t finish the job. Grinding the stump so that the tree can’t grow back is just as important as cutting the tree itself. We’ll make sure the root system is gone as well so you don’t have to worry about another service call.

Falling Timbers Tree Service knows that when it comes to brush, hedges, and some bushes it can take some larger equipment to get those things removed from your property. We’ll come out and dig where we  need to in order to ensure your brush removal goes off without a hitch. Call Today for a quote!